Friday, 18 September 2015

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Water and Sanitation are regarded as a basic human right.Access of people to safe drinking water and sanitation has been thought important to reduce global poverty in Millennium Development Goal (MDG). MDG emphatically attempts to reduce by half population without having access to water and sanitation services. Despite significant progress made to increase coverage of sanitation and drinking water services in recent past, goal of universal access to safe sanitation and drinking water still remains distant dream for large number of communities in India. Progress of WASH is exceptionally poor in India where large numbers of communities either lack access to WASH services or don’t find sanitation and hygiene compatible of social belief and customs. Hence open defecation remains very common in India and sanitation a major challenge before development practitioners. State of sanitation is particularly gloomy for some of the least urbanized states e.g. Uttar Pradesh, particularly Eastern Uttar Pradesh.  

Project Objectives
  1. Bring WASH on development agenda of households, community and Govt. institutions  
  2. Integration of school and community WASH in village development programme of Block office
  3. Sustainable WASH services for every school
  4. Develop repository on WASH and SSHE
  5. Promote environment sanitation in the focus District
Focus area of the Program
District Kushinagar of Uttar Pradesh.

Strategies focused activities
  • Assist in GP level sanitation planning using PRA tools and data.
  • IEC and capacity building activities in co-ordination with District level Annual Implementation plan
  • CLTS for community triggering by creating a volunteer base in the society.
  • Activities focused on linking WASH with nutrition and health
  • Access of WASH services in schools
  • SMC meetings and support
  • Functional WASH cadres in community as well as institutions
  • Puppet Show on WASH
  • Resource center for WASH services in the district.

Toilets constructed at schools 

Street Play on WASH
Wall Painting
Children are being trained on Hygiene practices

Toilets being constructed at focus villages